Glass has been created in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic for over 2,000 years and naturally their artisans became legendary for their glass goblets, chandeliers, church windows and ultimately costume jewellery.
Our company has been working with the modern Bohemia factories for over 65 years. Our family business has been focused on beads and many years ago we were given the opportunity to acquire all the inventory of a wonderful jewellery making factory. Some exceptional artisans using some of the finest crystals in Europe created this jewellery by hand. The collection arrived in Canada and was stored in our warehouse so that we might find the right time to reintroduce these limited edition collections to a worldwide audience.
Love and Bones, having been established as a wonderful online seller, is where we chose to share our hidden away Czech jewellery collection. We believe you will love and appreciate these stunning works as much as we do.
We will continue to source and share jewellery from around the world but will put a regular spotlight on our special Czech one-of-a-kind pieces. We begin with GOLD X BLACK and in the next year we plan to share with you some truly beautiful, hand crafted pieces that once they are sold, can never be replaced.