100 I Love You's


This amazing necklace puts your love in a Nanotechnology Love Stone, to show “I LOVE YOU” in 100 different languages, give a surprise to who you love.

This is the best gift idea for your girlfriend, your wife, or your mother, tell her how much you love her in a special way.

The pendant can be worn in 2 ways, which means you can get two different styles fit for different occasions.

How to see the hidden love?

Method 1:
1. Open your phone and open the camera.
2. Put the stone's convex side in front of the camera.
3. The 100 different languages “I LOVE YOU” will be shown on your phone screen.

Method 2:
1. Open your phone’s flashlight.
2. Put the stone's flat side in front of the flashlight.
3. Put the light on a plane, then you will see the shadow of 100 languages “I LOVE YOU”.

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